Musings of a musical mathematician who happens to be Methodist

Now that I have finally joined the social-media world with accounts on Facebook and Twitter, it seems that a blog was inevitable.  Hopefully it will be interesting, and may serve to promote some of the ideas I think are important.

Since my circle of good friends happens to include members of both the local Republican and Democrat central committees, perhaps a brief explanation of my political viewpoint (at least at the moment) is in order.

I refer to myself as a fiscally conservative libertarian socialist.  The quasi-socialist in me acknowledges that some jobs are best performed by governments.  These would military defense, police and fire protection, and public education, but perhaps other functions also.  The fiscal conservative in me, however, demands that anything done by a government should be very carefully planned and executed so the best use is made of the public’s investment.  And the libertarian in me is aware that much of private behavior should remain totally off-limits to government interest.  So there should be something in that paragraph for everyone to like, and quite possibly also something for them to dislike.

The next posts are likely to involve my views and research concerning educational “reform” as practiced in Louisiana.  But my liberal-arts background makes it likely that I will wander into unexpected topics for my musings, explanations and occasional rants.  And maybe more on the music, math and Methodism hinted at in the title.  Or maybe not.



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